Delivery Driver Needed At Hi-Speed Delivery & Moving, Toronto, ON, Canada.

A driver’s duties may vary depending on the type of delivery they are responsible for. For example, drivers of heavy equipment might be required to move rocks, plants, or trees. Drivers of trucks might be required to transport goods from one location to another. The type of delivery a driver is responsible for greatly affects their income. For example, drivers of small shipments often earn the least. On the other end of the scale, drivers of large shipments often earn the most.

They are responsible for the safe and timely delivery of products and services to customers. The best delivery drivers are motivated by a desire to provide their customers with high-quality service at an affordable price.



The majority of delivery drivers are employed in the private sector, though some work for a single company. Delivery drivers are employed in the private sector across the majority of countries.

Most delivery drivers work on a shift schedule, and they work on a fixed salary, but they may receive an annual bonus or stock options. The hours of delivery drivers can vary significantly. Many delivery drivers work long hours, but they may receive a short or night shift schedule depending on their schedule.

Hi-Speed Delivery & Moving, Toronto, ON, Canada Need A Delivery Driver

Hi-Speed Delivery & Moving is looking for a reliable, dependable and friendly driver to join their team. Candidates must be available to drive a full day shift, Monday to Friday, with the ability to work flexible hours.

Hi-Speed Delivery & Moving Company is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other similar bases. Drivers are responsible for transporting furniture and appliances deliveries to their destination in a safe and controlled environment, on time and in good condition.  Hi-Speed Delivery & Moving requires a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and must be at least 18 years of age.



You will be required to adhere to a regular schedule of arrival and leave times, but you will also be responsible for numerous special training and onboarding events, such as pick-ups and drop-offs. Someone who has experienced this kind of work but is flexible and willing to learn should apply.

Job details

The ideal candidate for this job must be open to trying new things and working hard to get fit and qualified. In addition to a great compensation package, the candidate will also be open to participating in a great benefits program. Someone who is open to trying new things and is willing to put in the work is a perfect candidate for this role.

You will be responsible for creating and tracking all of the order details, such as the order number, order due date, order location, and order status. You will also need to create an order history and make sure that it is up-to-date. You may also be asked to create a customer request and manage the process from start to finish, such as creating a new order, editing an order, and canceling an order. As a Delivery Driver, you will be responsible for confirming shipping details, making changes to the order, and then tracking the shipment.

  • Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Salary: $1,000 – $3,000 per week
  • Terms of employment: Long term employment
  • Full-time
  • Day Shift
  • Start date: Starts as soon as you get hired
  • vacancies one vacancy

Hi-Speed Delivery & Moving is in need of a dependable driver who can deliver the goods in a prompt manner and who is responsible for customer satisfaction. The driver must pick up and drop off the goods along specific routes and at specific times.

A successful candidate must have a reliable, safe and easy-going character.

Delivery Driver Responsibilities:

You will need to be knowledgeable about the products and services you are transporting, as well as their terms and conditions. You will also need to be familiar with relevant local and federal laws, as well as your company’s rules and regulations. You will need to be able to read and follow written and verbal instructions. You will also need to be familiar with office and warehouse safety precautions, as well as the proper disposal of product packaging and materials.

Other Responsibilities

  • Providing excellent customer service, answering questions, and handling complaints from clients.
  • Assisting with loading and unloading items from vehicles.
  • Accepting payments for delivered items.
  • Reviewing orders before and after delivery to ensure that orders are complete, the charges are correct, and the customer is satisfied.
  • Abiding by all transportation laws and maintaining a safe driving record.
  • Loading, transporting, and delivering items to clients or businesses in a safe, timely manner.
  • Preparing reports and other documents relating to deliveries.
  • Adhering to assigned routes and following time schedules.
  • Operating equipment and machines, such as cars, trucks, forklifts, etc.

Delivery Driver Requirements:

  • Valid driver’s license issued by the state where you intend to work.
  • Clean driving record.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Experience may be required or preferred.
  • Special licenses may be required to operate certain vehicles.
  • Ability to walk, drive, lift and carry heavy items for extended periods.
  • Strong time management and customer service skills.
  • Willingness to adhere to assigned routes, schedules, safety procedures, and transportation laws.

Application question(s):

  • Do you have your own truck? If yes, specify the size
  • Specify the type(size) truck you own, and if it has a ramp, tailgate, both or none
  •  Please indicate a date and time you would be available for an online interview
  • Indicate what you are applying to:

1) Driver with assistance

2) Driver without assistance

Other Job requirements

Languages: Ability to speak English fluently

Education; Commercial Liability Certificate is required.

Experience: 1 year of driving experience

Specific Skills and job task

  • Operate and drive automobiles.
  • Load and unload goods
  • Perform pre-trip.
  • Record trip information such as vehicle mileage.
  • Use maps and other trip planning aids
  • Fuel costs and any problems.
  • Pay and receive payments for goods
  • En route and post-trip inspection and oversee all aspects of a vehicle.
  • Vans and light trucks to pick up and deliver various items and products.

Additional Skills

  • Good communication skills.
  • Prepare, package and restock goods.
  • Professionalism in customer service.
  • Receive and relay information to central dispatch.
  • Assemble, install and set up merchandise/products.

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities

  • Fast-paced environment.
  • Handling heavy loads.
  • Physically demanding.
  • Tight deadlines.

Work Location Information

Remote location

Transportation/Travel Information

Valid driver’s license

Transportation/Travel Experience

Regional; National; Local; Provincial/territorial

Personal Suitability Required

  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility.
  • Reliability.
  • Organized.

Who can apply for this job?

Only apply to this job if:

  • You are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.
  • You have a valid Canadian work permit.

If you are not authorized to work in Canada, do not apply. The employer will not respond to your application.

How to apply

By email:

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